A God-Led Life: Praying Alone Doesn't Work

It was finals week just a few days ago and I was struggling.  Every college kid struggles during finals week, but I had been suffering severely.  My anxiety was through the roof, I was barely passing my finals, my back hurt from my heart hurting because of the anxiety, I was breaking out into nervous sweats, I couldn't breathe, shall I go on anymore? It was terrible and I didn't understand why.  I was praying, I had studied, I didn't know why I was struggling as much as I was this finals week.  It was scary.  I eventually had to text my pastor and ask her to pray for me.  She talked me through it all and even though I was still not as calm as I needed to be, it was just good to know someone else knew I was struggling and I knew they would be praying for me.  The second to last day of finals came and I had 3 finals.  I was anxious all night and didn't sleep well the night before.  I go into my 11 am final and I'm not anxious.  I said a prayer and took my test.  I didn't shake, my heart didn't hurt, and I didn't feel like I was going to pass out.  My first thought when I came out of that test was "Holy Cow... Prayer works!"   

I learned the hard way that sometimes, praying by yourself does not always suffice.  You have to get other people on your side and pray for you too.  You also have to lift others in prayer because they also can't go through life without prayers either.  

Pray for one another.  Calm that anxious heart.

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