I didn't have an anxiety diagnosis until after college.  They say that you don't know that something isn't normal until you have a different experience.


So when I went on anti-depressants I stopped doing somethings that I just thought were normal. 


When I walk I count my steps but typically don't know that I'm doing it until I get to a higher number, say 50. When I'm in a small group, I count the people. Especially if it's in a group setting that isn't something where my constant attention is needed.


I also would count my steps in my kitchen when I was growing up.  How many steps I thought it would take to walk across, it was always either 6 or 8.  I would count how many cars I thought could fit in between telephone poles.  It always had to be an even number.  So in some ways it's slight OCD but it only appears when I am anxious. 


So I haven't had those symptoms for the past 5 years or so, but now with certain stressors back in my life, the symptoms are back. Yuck!

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