I dont like waking up in the mornings anymore because as soon as I open my bedroom door I start getting yelled at by my ex and then not even 5 minutes later I being yelled at by my best friend. See IM not aloud to have a normal life what so ever, Im know Im jumping way ahead of the story but its my page and I can write it how ever I want. This is one thing left I still have control over. IM not aloud to have any friends what so ever, Im only aloud the 2 that I have known for years. I have no female friends at all, Im not aloud to go out to events, to concerts, or the the library or even church. Im questioned every time I leave the house witch is almost never because of personal reasons, I even question about when I go to walmart just to get pads for my period. Im verablly abused every day of my life, Im finally over one person who left my life a couple of years of ago they thought eating pussy was more important then a 10 year friendship. But there is other person out there in the world who I have tried time and time again to get over and no matter what I do I cant get it to away. I know I cant just make it dissapear but because of the everything serrounding this it has realled messed me up. will fixed this entery later

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  1. helloxkittie

    If you ever need someone to talk to about things, I’m more than happy to sit and be someone you vent to. I cannot believe you are going through something like this, but just because you are trapped in your own home doesn’t mean you can’t reach out to people. Drop me a message anytime you need someone. I can even give you my email if you’d like.

    March 07, 2017